Will Rogers Memorial & Birthplace

The Legendary Rogers

Will Rogers, 1879-1935, triumphed as a thinker in journalism, theatre, movies, and even as a skilled lariat artist in wild west shows. His sage and philosophy lives today. Born on a working ranch, he labored as a cowboy whose wanderlust led him thrice around the world. He learned. He taught. He was the friend of kings and presidents but kept the common touch.


Hand-hewed logs frame the room where Will Rogers was born on a sprawling frontier ranch. His father built his classic "White House on the Verdigris" one room at a time.

As Clem Rogers prospered and his family grew, twin log cabins were joined with a breezeway. Lean-to rooms, a second floor and white siding were added. Will Rogers was born November 4, 1879 in the log cabin part, just like Lincoln.

It was a happy place. Open spirits jovially embraced all visitors. Love flouished.

Will Rogers cowboyed his first decade around the beckoning ranch house. Then, his Mother died. Between stints at boarding schools and throughout his life, Will Rogers would return to the memories of the "Old Home Ranch." It remains vintage-correct, awaiting its beloved and echoing history.


Regally nested on a hilltop overlooking Will Rogers' beloved Claremore and the picturesque Tiawah Valley, the Oklahoma eclectic architecture of the Will Rogers Memorial-framing the family tomb-houses a captivating world class museum.

The 20-acre verdant slopes were acquired by the late humorist as the place where he would build a retirement home. Along with his children and wife, it became Will Rogers' permanent resting place.

Fine statues, a duplicate of the Jo Davidson classic at the Nation's Capitol, the famous "Riding Into the Sunset" on his favorite horse Soapsuds, and others by artists like Chales Russel-dot the Memorial.

Paintings by modern masters; photographs of the famous; show biz playbills; graphic creations of distinction, saddles, dioramas and exhibits captivate visitors. A scholarly library is maintained.

Classic movies starring Will Rogers play daily in a 178-seat comfortable theatre.

Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission by contrabution.

Will Rogers Memorial & Birthplace can be found:

20 Miles Northeast of Tulsa

On well marked routes from Interstate 44, U.S. 169, or SH 66-Will Rogers Highway.

Will Rogers Memorial & Birthplace can be reached at:

Post Office Box 157

Claremore and Ooologah, Oklahoma 74018-0157

(800) 828-9643 or (918) 341-0719

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